V-Groove Mirrors
V-Grooving can be done on any architectural flat glass and mirrors with our maximum Production Size 84'' x 144''. Custom V-grooving are also available for any architectural glass. Our V-Grooved glass can also be heat strengthened, tempered, and laminated. Custom profiles are also available here at Radhika Glass. This is glass that has a groove or grooves put into it to create simple to complex designs for your liking. Grooving can be used alone or even in combination with other design elements, such as UV Digital Printing on glass to create a myriad of patterns. The CNC V-Grooving machine allows us to produce virtually any design that can be imaged. V-Grooving can be used on its own, or in combination with laminated glass and can be applied to both glass and mirror. V-Grooved designs can be used both as single panels or incorporated into double glass with Fabric Lamination units to be used in various applications such as French doors, exterior door, patio doors, Kitchen cabinets, Dining back wall, Partitions, etc.

Radhika Glass artisans can design any pattern by engraving a groove with modern v-grooving equipment on the surface of the glass. With the help of modern and upgraded v-grooving machines, the expert workers can make custom engrave designs on any kind of glass. Some may be doubtful about how the v-grooving would work on a laminated glass or a toughened glass, but the expert workers from Radhika Glass can make any difficult things possible with their best efforts supported by modern technology.

Radhika Glass can do v-grooving on any architectural flat glass and mirrors. The v-grooved glass by Radhika Glass can make the best of designer doors or front doors or windows. V-grooved glass can also be used as shower doors or in showcases. Radhika Glass can make v-grooved table tops or cabinet tops too. Modern equipment help to make creative designs on the v-grooved glass surface, so you can always expect an awesome v-grooved glass work from Radhika Glass.

Radhika Glass will assist you to choose your design, that suit your personality as well as your residence.