UV Digital Printed Glass
Price for UV Digital Print on Float Glass is Rs. 250.00 Per sq.ft.
Architects and designers around the world are following the trend of using glass as a material of choice for their building projects. The environmental benefits are a factor, as are lower cost and increased design options. From simple elements to intricate designs, Glass UV flatbed printer, you can now have an access to any kind of design.

For the first time in India with Glass UV flatbed, we redefine the creative possibilities for glass building elements. Custom designs, multi-color images and personalized features are now affordably available. Digital print technology removes the limitations of traditional glass processing methods, allowing you to get exactly what you want, when you want it and at a price that makes sense. It is direct on Glass multi colour digital printing ranging from whole building facade (including interior and exterior applications) to variable serial number on every glass piece like a car windshield.

Just as digital print has complemented the traditional print industry, on-glass UV digital printing does the same for glass processors. The Glass UV printer is a versatile flatbed unit, suitable for any number of exterior, interior and architectural applications and due to its unique digital print attributes, those applications are now possible and within reach.
  • Interior and exterior architectural application
  • Extensive colour & effects palette
  • From digital file to glass - directly
  • Handles panels starting from 300mm x 300mm to 2070 x 3010mm
  • Perfect for producing panels of consecutive designs
UV Digital Printed GlassUV Digital Printed Glass